GSD  is the facilitating organisation for the Gulf Savannah Region to drive economic development projects and initiatives for the benefit of its stakeholders.

GSD is a central representative body to engage with external entities to drive the growth of the Gulf Savannah Region.

GSD is apolitical, medium- to long-term in focus and not tied to election cycles.

GSD’s Purpose

GSD brings together people, ideas and resources to drive economic development and growth in the Gulf Savannah Region.

GSD's current focus is on developing a strategic plan for the region, supporting and growing tourism and providing specific services to Gulf Savannah residents and businesses.

GSD’s Key goals

  •   To facilitate development of a Strategic Plan for the Gulf Savannah Region
  •   To progress regionally significant projects, as approved by the Board
  •   To assist to attract and leverage resources to achieve these goals
  •   To be the ‘voice’ of the Gulf – bring together the views and positions of our stakeholders on a range of issues and ensure these views are heard
  •   To establish the profile and identity of the Gulf Savannah Region such that it is readily recognised and understood by our target audiences
  •   To facilitate, co-ordinate and foster collaboration between our internal and external stakeholders to achieve beneficial outcomes for the Gulf Savannah Region.

Guiding principles

The following principles have been adopted to guide GSD’s work and decisions:

  •   Economic: To be a growing and sustainable economy
  •   Social: To attain a higher level of social capital
  •   Cultural: To embrace and respect diversity
  •   Environment: Looking after country
  •   Political: To be a voice that is heard with respect
  •   Corporate: To be relevant and well governed