This project has been supported by the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) programme an Australian Government initiative

The Small Business Programme is funded through AusIndustry and has been developed to deliver low cost small business advisory and information services. The focus will be on 'Business Solutions. With the five business solution streams being:

  •  Funding avenues and financial analysis
  •  Building your business
  •  Making the most of your talent and team
  •  Management capabilities
  •  Digital engagement implementation

The service is provided to people who have a business idea, have the intention to develop the idea and start a new small business or have purchased an existing small business or who operate a small business. The small business officers can support by offering:

  •   face-to-face meetings
  •  virtual/online meetings
  •  small group training for up to 10 people at a time

This programme assists businesses by being:

  •  relevant - it provides low cost business advisory services to contribute to the productivity of participating enterprising people
  •  practical - oriented towards action learning for participating enterprising people to build business skills and capability
  •  flexible - can be delivered in a way that suits the participating enterprising people
  •  focused - improves the business and/or financial management skills of the participating