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Gulf Savannah Development is a registered Business Enterprise Centre to confirm its role in delivery of small business services.

Our Small Business Advisory Service is proudly supported by Skytrans


Small Business Advisory Servic

Gulf Savannah Development continues to offer our Small Business Advisory Service in 2013-14 to small businesses in the Burke, Carpentaria, Croydon, Doomadgee, Etheridge and Mornington Shires.

Gulf Savannah Business Growth Project 2012-14

We also have two programs available to small businesses (that includes grazing or fishing businesses!) or aspiring entrepreneurs in the Gulf Shires of Burke, Carpentaria, Croydon, Doomadgee, Etheridge and Mornington.

Our Business Boost program provides high quality & low cost support to Gulf businesses looking to grow or increase their productivity. Eligible businesses can get up to 12 hours of professional support.

Our Business Start Up program provides high quality & low cost support to help establish new businesses in the Gulf Savannah Shires. Eligible businesses can get up to 20 hours of professional support.

We can link you up with LOW COST advice from specialist consultants on our Panel (1.35Mb) in a range of areas including

  • Business planning/strategic planningnormanton-driving-down-a-road
  • Mentoring
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Financial Planning
  • Insurance Advice
  • Legal advice
  • HR & Staffing
  • Succession Planning
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Tourism Development
  • E-Commerce, Websites

Funds are limited so register your interest soon!
For more information, please contact:

Annie Cork, Small Business Advisory Service
Mob: 0437 029 668 or 07 4745 1000
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Read Annie's Update from our Small Business E Newsletter

The services provided by Gulf Savannah Development are funded by the Australian Government.
Additional financial support from the local governments of the Gulf Savannah and partners.


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Looking for Workers??Workabout_Australia_LOGO_BIG_3

Gulf Savannah Development (GSD) has launched a new initiative to help businesses in our region find workers – seasonal workers, skilled workers, tradespeople and general employees.

We have developed a 3-year partnership with Workabout Australia to promote the Gulf Savannah as a region where employment is readily available. Workabout Australia will promote employment opportunities in our region through special features on their website and via their extensive networks and 'Members Club'.

Many Gulf Savannah businesses already use Workabout Australia to promote their job vacancies. Have you given it a go yet?

Special Deal for Gulf Savannah Businesses: Under the partnership arrangement:

• if you currently pay the annual listing fee of $275.00 to advertise opportunities with Workabout Australia, you will, during the course of 2014, be offered two years of listings for the price of one year
• if you don't currently pay the listing fee with Workabout Australia, but decide to give it a go this year, they will offer you two years of listings for the price of one year.

This thus represents a 50% saving to businesses, so if nothing else, give it a try but hurry as the offer ends 31st December 2014!

Businesses must be based in one of GSD's member Shires to be eligible for this offer (Burke, Carpentaria, Croydon, Doomadgee, Etheridge or Mornington).

  • You can check out Workabout Australia at
  • The Gulf Savannah profile can be accessed through the home page (Highlighted locations)
  • Gulf Savannah jobs are listed in the QLD section of the 'Jobs' page. Click on 'QLD' on the map of Australia on the home page.

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