Investment Opportunities

There are a number of opportnities for invetement in key projects in The GSD region they include but are not limited to:

North Queensland Abattoir:

Evaluating the commercial viability of a northern outback Queensland meat processing facility.

Study and Report jointly prepared by Meateng, Felix Domus and Tim Hoffman Advisory Meateng Pty Ltd. 8 Montrose Street, Hawthorn East, Victoria 3123, AUSTRALIA

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Savannah Crocodile Farm Project, Normanton QLD

A Report for the Bynoe CACS

By John Lever, Koorana Crocodile Farm

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Kidston Pump Storage Hydro Project

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Electricity energy generation in a pumped storage scheme works much like conventional hydroelectric schemes. In periods of high demand, electricity is generated when water is released from an upper reservoir through turbine generators and into a lower reservoir. Unlike conventional hydroelectric schemes, the water is not discharged from the lower reservoir but is instead pumped back to the upper reservoir during off-peak hours by drawing electricity from the grid. (ie similar to the Wivenhoe Pump Storage and Snowy’s Tumut 3).

Why invest? Long life infrastructure asset benefiting from the growth of renewable energy and rising gas prices in Queensland

  • low capital costs, due to use of existing infrastructure
  • The project has a number of existing permits and approvals, potentially fast tracking the approval process
  • Strong revenue outlook, benefiting from rising gas prices and volatility in wholesale electricity markets.


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