2018 Tourism Survey

Tourism is an important industry for the Gulf Savannah Region. Nevertheless, accessing reliable data on this region is reasonably difficult to source. Standard reports from Tourism Research Australia (TRA) do not drill down to the level required, while Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) surveys such as the Tourism Accommodation Survey do not cover the majority of accommodation businesses operating in the Gulf (those with less than 15 units of accommodation). This information deficit impacts on the ability of key stakeholders in the industry to confidently plan and invest.

GSD and Savannah Way recognised this issue in 2012, undertaking a major tourism survey. The results of this survey were augmented by a Tourism Profile produced by the Queensland Office of Economic and Social Research (QOESR). While the 2018 GSD Tourism Survey Report aims to replicate the 2013 Report in many respects, there are a few differences. These include:

- Provision of trend data from Calendar Year (CY) 2012 to September 2017 for National Visitor Survey data and International Visitor Survey data;

- Provision of traffic count data for State-controlled road networks in/around the Gulf Savannah region;

- Addition and subtraction of a range of questions including removing questions related to drive tourists seeking employments opportunities and added questions related to tourism and the digital world;

- Survey to tourism accommodation providers on accommodation and occupancy rates and digital capability;

- Inclusion of “Top 5” snapshots from TripAdvisor, the most popular source of information for those travelling to the Gulf.



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